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Dead Letter Storage

If message storage is configured for your application, and you're using either the local queues or messaging transports where Wolverine doesn't (yet) support native dead letter queueing, Wolverine is actually moving messages to the wolverine_dead_letters table in your database in lieu of native dead letter queueing.

You can browse the messages in this table and see some of the exception details that led them to being moved to the dead letter queue. To recover messages from the dead letter queue after possibly fixing a production support issue, you can update this table's replayable column for any messages you want to recover with some kind of SQL command like:

update wolverine_dead_letters set replayable = true where exception_type = 'InvalidAccountException';

When you do this, Wolverine's durability agent that manages the inbox and outbox processing in the background will move these messages back into active incoming message handling. Just note that this process happens through some polling, so it won't be instantaneous.

To replay dead lettered messages back to the incoming table, you also have a command line option:

dotnet run -- storage replay

Released under the MIT License.